I warmly welcome you to toodivinejewelry.com. Very frequently, clients ask us about buying jewelry and why people love these trinkets. The article below will reveal some reasons why people buy and wear jewelry.

Why Do People Love Jewelry?

silver gemstone orangeFirst of all, jewelry is a portable, personal work of art that you can wear and enjoy constantly. A piece of jewelry is a creative work that satisfies not only the expressive and creative needs of the designer and maker, but also appeals to the imagination and emotions of the wearer.

Secondly, jewelry fulfills many human needs from social to spiritual. It can signify where you stand in the world economically or socially.

From a spiritual viewpoint, jewelry can display your aesthetic tastes and your artistic slant. And jewelry can be symbolic too. This is evident since primitive cultures and our modern society.

Thirdly, jewelry even represents the giving and receiving of love. When you give someone a piece of jewelry as a gift, the love of the jewelry maker for his craft is also passed on to the wearer through the medium of the jewelry itself.

From a woman’s viewpoint, jewelry is just pretty and can be used as versatile fashion accessories. It adds a little something to any outfit like jeans and a T-shirt or even an evening gown.

And when you feel pretty, people will notice. Think about all those compliments you get when you wear a really pretty and unique piece of jewelry!

We Specialize in Handmade Silver Jewelry

white gold earringsHandmade sterling silver jewelry has its advantages. It is relatively affordable compared to white gold or platinum jewelry.

Many big name stores like Zales and Kays offer a huge inventory of silver and diamond jewelry. However, when you read about them in the reviews at the links above, you will realize they aren’t the best places to shop.

In the past year or so, the price of sterling silver has tripled. As a result, it is a little less affordable than it used to be. But even with that aspect figured in, sterling silver is still the preferred precious metal in terms of price.

What about disadvantages of sterling silver jewelry?

Well, granted there will always be tarnish. However, there are always easy ways to handle it. Nowadays, there are available many types of polishing cloths and anti-tarnish zip-lock bags that you can use to store your jewelry.

Tarnish-deterring alloys of sterling silver are also now available. These alloys contain non-oxidizing agents to minimize tarnish. Plating is also sometimes used to decrease the tarnish process. Both of these solutions are more expensive than the standard sterling alloy.

Another nice thing about handmade sterling silver jewelry is that you can find some really artistic and unique pieces out there that can express your own inner feelings about art and beauty.


So, Why Buy Jewelry?

I think the better question to ask is: why not? It makes a statement, symbolizes aspects of your place in society, satisfies your need for artistry in your life and basically makes you feel good.

Our handmade sterling silver jewelry is a miniature work of art that will delight and inspire you for years to come.

I hope this article helped! Good luck with your jewelry purchase!