graff diamond jewelryIn many retail jewelry chains the majority of their diamond cuts are only rated at “GOOD”.

That’s right

Without knowing it, consumers are spending money on diamond earrings that have diminished spark and fire because they were cut for quantity and not quality.

The diamond earrings offered at Too Divine Jewelry are guaranteed to be either “EXCELLENT” or “IDEAL” cut. Why is this important? In a side by side comparison, a less expensive diamond of Excellent Cut grade will far outshine a diamond of higher Color and Clarity with a Poor, Good or Fair Cut grade.

The diagram above shows how light leaks out of inferior Cut grades. At Too Divine Jewelry all of our diamonds are guaranteed to be either Excellent or Ideal Cut grades. Read more on this very important topic here.

Excellent Cut Diamond Stud Earrings

Here is an example of one of our Excellent Cut diamond stud earrings that we have for sale. 1 Carat Diamond Stud Earrings in 14K Gold Excellent Cut, H Color, I1 Clarity. Price: $1,339.00** and you can click on the photo to order.

Stylish and elegant, our 1 carat diamond studs earrings feature 2 round brilliant cut diamonds set in a stylish four prong gallery of precious 14K White Gold.

Our Best Value quality diamonds, H (near colorless) and I1 Clarity may exhibit minute visible flaws under a microscope. However, they are still far superior to most diamonds sold at retail, due to their Near Colorless grade and Excellent Cut, which allows for a dazzling display of white brilliance and fire.

For brilliance and beauty, the Excellent Cut quality of these diamonds place them within the top 5% of all diamonds sold. Most people have never seen the impressive fire and scintillation of a diamond with this Cut quality.

** This item is protected by our 30 day easy return policy.