halo diamond ring

Q. How can I view the status of my order?

A. Click at any time on the Order Status link at the top of every page. When the Order Status page comes up, enter your six-digit Order Number and your Billing Zip Code and click on the “Get Order” button. You will see a summary of your order with the Order Status on the top line.

Q. What are your shipping costs?

A. We determine shipping by the total dollar amount of your order before tax. All items are shipped via UPS. See the table below for shipping charges. After shipment we will email you a tracking number so that you can track your order online at www.ups.com.

Shipping Charges

Order amount is before taxes and shipping
Order Amount Total Shipping
$0.01 to $49.99 $ 9.95
$50.00 & up Free

Q. What forms of payment do you accept?

A. We accept Mastercard, Visa, American Express, and Discover and eChecks through PayPal. A PayPal account is NOT necessary to pay through the secure PayPal website.

Q. How fast will I get my order?

A. We generally ship your pieces within 2 business days of your order. We ship via UPS Ground, which generally takes 3 to 5 business days. So, you should see your order in about a week. Please see our Customer Service page for more details.

Q. What about returns?

A. Return any item within 30 days of the shipping date, and we will gladly give you an exchange or refund your purchase price and any applicable sales tax. Shipping is not refundable.

Q. How do I exchange merchandise?

A. To exchange, return your original purchase, and when we receive it, we will notify you and credit your account. After than, you can order your exchange item(s) through our website. You will not have to pay shipping on exchange purchases.

Q. Do you take international orders?

A. We currently accept only orders billed and shipped within the United States.

Q. Who makes your jewelry?

A. Our jewelry is made by our company in our workshop located in western Tennessee. We do not buy jewelry and resell it. Our company designs and manufactures each piece, which ensures that your order receives individual attention, resulting in excellent quality.

Q. Do you use .925 Sterling Silver?

A. All our Sterling Silver meets industry standard .925 Sterling Silver, which is 92.5% Fine Silver and 7.5% Copper, which is added for strength. Our pieces are stamped with a Sterling Silver hallmark, either “Sterling” or “.925”, along with our company stamp, “TD”.

Q. How do I choose a bracelet size?

A. The standard size for bracelets is generally 7 inches for link bracelets and hook bracelets, 6 inches for cuff bracelets, and 8 to 9 inches for bangles.

To measure your own wrist, it is best to use heavy cord rather than paper or string in order to get a more accurate measurement. Measure more loosely for a link, hook or bangle bracelet and more closely for a cuff bracelet. Get a piece of cord you can cut to the right length, then tape the ends together with the cord around your wrist to see how it feels.

If your size is not exactly one of our lengths, choose the length closest. In general, it is best to round up slightly, but not a lot, unless you want a more snug fit. An approximate guide is:

Link or Hook Bracelets)
Length (inches) Approximate Size
5.75, 6.0, 6.5 Small
7.0, 7.5 Average
8.0 Large
Cuff Bracelets
Length (inches) Approximate Size
5.75 Small
6.0, 6.5 Average
7.0, 7.5 Large
8.0 X Large
Bangle Bracelets
Length (inches) Approximate Size
8.0 Small
9.0 Medium to Large

If you buy a bracelet and it doesn’t fit, return it within 30 days of the shipping date and we will credit your account. If it is a link bracelet, alteration may be possible. With other styles, the bracelet would have to be remade.